Family Preservation Alliance Uganda focuses on initiatives identified by the community as fundamental to protecting families and ensuring community empowerment. These efforts include access to nutritious food, emergency shelter, education and economic opportunity. When families cannot satisfy these most basic human needs, they become vulnerable to those willing to exploit their circumstances.



For far too many families, the daily search for food consumes valuable time and energy, leaving limited opportunity for education or income generating pursuits. Available resources are focused on daily survival, with whole families and communities focused on finding the most basic food supplies.


Too often women are forced to support their families through hard labor, earning less than a dollar a day. Despite their desire to the contrary, many families depend on their children working alongside them to supplement the family’s meager income.


FPA recognizes the importance of education and community support as a means of family preservation and protection. For those most vulnerable, the choice to feed their children versus paying mandated school fees is a painful one, that only serves to reinforce the cycle of poverty within rural Uganda.


The Family Preservation Alliance is a development and advocacy 501(c)3 registered non-profit working to improve the lives of vulnerable children, families and communities in Uganda. We facilitate initiatives identified by the community as fundamental to family preservation and community empowerment, encouraging ownership of the process. We know that impoverished families (those unable to meet basic human needs) are more likely to fall victim to human exploitation in all its forms.By supporting sustainable initiatives through social, economic and education-based programs, communities are better able to provide for and protect their children in a cooperative effort.

FPA High School Graduating Class 2018

On November 10th 2018, the first graduating class stepped out of high school and into their brightly lit futures. Pride radiated on the faces on the 46 graduates, and was reflected in the eyes of their families and teachers, who have supported and encouraged them along the way. We join FPA Uganda High School in offering a sincere and hearty congratulations to all the students and staff on a job well done! Read more