“The power of education to transform lives is universal. When you ask parents what they want for their children — even in war zones and disaster areas — they seek the same thing first: education.”

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations


The Family Preservation Alliance Academy of Excellence promotes access to education for economically disadvantaged children. Those who are unable to afford fees associated with attending a secondary institution. FPA recognizes the importance of education and community support as a means of family preservation and protection.

Many FPA families (widow, grandparent and sibling led households) exist on less than 1 dollar a day. For these families, the choice to feed their children versus paying mandated school fees is a painful one; one which only serves to reinforce the cycle of poverty within rural Uganda. In 2009, FPA secured the needed land, permits and community support to bring change to Gobero.

It was an organic effort involving members of the community, as men from local families were responsible for clearing the land and assisting in the excavating of the site. Our team of contractors worked with villagers in the community who expressed an eagerness to learn how to lay foundations, frame, roof and stucco to code. This not only forged goodwill between our contractors, this program and the community, but also, and more importantly afforded a valuable skill set to deserving community members.

The construction of this school has fostered social capital and a safe place for students to gather and learn. Community members participated in this effort, with the understanding that the most vulnerable children, those that would otherwise not be able to attend a secondary school, will now be afforded that opportunity.

How can access to local, quality education change the future of young woman, in rural Uganda?

When a young woman has the opportunity to complete her secondary education, it not only lowers her probability of contracting HIV, but also allows her to marry later, earn a higher wage, build a smaller and healthier family, and increase the likelihood that she will prioritize education for her own children —ending the cycle of illiteracy in her family.

Recipients of student sponsorship at FPA’s Academy of Excellence!