Leaving the slums of Jinja behind

After years of living alone in the slums of Jinja, on Dec. 6th 2010, Mwesigwa, his brothers Alex, Yeko and their younger sister Judith left the slums of Jinja behind.

FPA-Uganda received approval from local provincial authorities to remove the children from the slums of Jinja, where they were living alone since the death of their father and abandonment by their mother. The children loaded up their belongings, which included some school papers and report cards that the eldest brother had collected over the years, and a few personal items. That was it.

Mwesigwa, Yeko & Alex have remained in FPA’s Family Preservation Program since 2010. They attend school regularly and receive needed support in the way of food, medication and living expenses. Mwesigwa completed his senior year in 2016 and will be deciding on a vocational path in the near future

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