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Our Goal:

Our principal goal is to ensure the rights and roles of parents, grandparents, extended family and communities are protected so that children are able to safely grow and strengthen their communities.
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Family Preservation Alliance Uganda focuses on initiatives identified by the community as fundamental to protecting families and ensuring community empowerment. These efforts include access to nutritious food, emergency shelter, education and economic opportunity. When families cannot satisfy these most basic human needs, they become vulnerable to those willing to exploit their circumstances.

Families oppressed by extreme poverty or armed conflict are at greatest risk of permanent separation, as there is no one advocating on their behalf – no one protecting their rights. In these instances, family members see no other alternative than to release their children to outsiders who offer promises of a better life for their children, whether in their homeland or abroad. In other cases, families are tricked or coerced into relinquishing their children with false promises of a bright future, draining communities of children who would contribute to the betterment of their own society.

At FPA, we believe families in developing countries are no less deserving of the opportunity to raise their children and no less worthy of a chance to change their lives and improve their circumstances.

Few organizations focus on family preservation throughout the world
– FPA-Uganda is one.

We focus on programs identified in collaboration with the community, thereby encouraging ownership of the process. In order to achieve the goal of family preservation within a Ugandan context, our culturally sensitive programs are based on the premise that there is a set hierarchy of needs:

Empowering the family – Helping them meet basic needs.

In Uganda, many families struggle to meet the most basic building blocks of survival and are therefore unable to focus on improving their situation through education and financial empowerment. Our programs focus on providing families at greatest risk with the needed access to nutritious food and (if needed) emergency shelter; currently FPA Uganda provides daily meals to hundreds of students at various schools throughout the community as well as monthly food deliveries to dozens of families in-crisis.

The community works together to build a sustainable social network, specifically looking after those who are at greatest risk.

Education and Training – Build Local, Completion of a Secondary School and Vocational Center

The next level within the hierarchy of needs consists of access education and vocational training. We believe that once the family focus is no longer on day-to-day survival, families are able to pursue educational and economic opportunities. FPA-Uganda promotes access to education in rural Uganda through the construction of a secondary school that affords children (especially young women) the opportunity to be educated locally. Additionally, this school is utilized as a vocational center, with a special focus on women in the community.

Build the Future & Preserve Their Most Precious Resource.

When basic human needs are met within struggling communities, families are better positioned to care for, protect and raise their children without threat of further exploitation. These are the fundamental rights we extended to our families – to the mothers, fathers, grandparents and children in our own communities. Our Ugandan families are an extension of that belief.